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Ritual Magic Wedding 

Do you dream of a unique, authentic and unconventional wedding ceremony?

The wedding ceremony is the most important and significant act of your wedding day because it is the moment of consolidation of the commitment that the couple has chosen to live, before their loved ones, family, friends and the universe. This rite of passage is a precious moment that represents the spiritual transit of both of you towards a new stage of your lives and the purpose of this occasion is the celebration of LOVE as a seed for the prosperity of this new life as a couple and as a new family.


For this reason, it is the most important event of the celebration, since it expresses the commitment through the vows or promises that the bride and groom offer each other and the symbols that are exchanged representing the intentions that they are planting together from that moment and that will bear fruit in the future. This Conscious Symbolic Ceremony or the Magic Rituals Wedding represents the seed of the new tree of life that you will plant, nourish & grow together.

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Is the Magic Rituals Wedding connected with any religion?

The Magic Rituals Wedding or Unconventional Symbolic Wedding is not tied to any specific religion, however, it is a meaningful and profound celebration that honours the sacredness of the intention expressed and can include wedding rituals from other traditions, cultures or backgrounds with which the bride and groom identify and agree. It is increasingly common for couples to seek to unite their lives or renew their commitment of love through symbolic wedding rituals, which allow them to feel a more meaningful connection with each other and live an experience of Universal Love beyond religions.


That is why the Magic Rituals Wedding is full of meaning, expressive, a fresh, inspiring and romantic trend that more and more people and couples of the New Millennium around the world are leaning towards. Is for those who seek to experience a ceremony compatible with their identity and that allows them to genuinely express their feelings to take the most important steps of their lives in line with their spiritual and aesthetic beliefs, with customised rituals according to their wishes, blessing their decisions in a sacred, beautiful and unforgettable way for them and their loved ones.

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What is a Symbolic Magic Rituals Wedding?

Is a celebration of a transcendental moment in life, in which the symbols and conscious rituals we express beyond the conscious mind the intention of creating a new commitment with life, with our partner, with the family, with the Universe with the Power of Love.

The Magic Rituals Wedding or (Unconventional Symbolic Wedding) is ideal if you seek to combine the symbolism of the ritual with your own beliefs and intentions, if you want to celebrate a different unconventional wedding or add a special experience after your legal marriage, if you belong to different religions or the same sex, if you wish to renew your wedding vows or celebrate an anniversary, if you wish to make a spiritual commitment because you're not feeling represented by any legal or any other type of bond.

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What happens in an Unconventional Wedding Ceremony like this?

In a Magic Rituals Wedding you can customise this experience according to your wishes expressing and choosing the moments and the rituals that you resonate with the most, to represent what you wish for your new life as a couple and family. Together with Sumeia Ananda, you will decide in the first steps of the preparation of the ceremony, which rituals you choose to share to bond you stronger to your partner.

Energetic Purification
Opening ritual to harmonize the energy of the couple through incense. It serves to harmonize the energy and allow the couple's consciousness to focus on the present and the heart is predisposed to receive the messages and blessings that the ceremony brings.

Cacao Ritual
A ceremonial chocolate that is previously prepared with the couple is shared, so that the hearts of the couple and the attendees are opened and the joy and authenticity of everyone in the ceremony is awakened. With this ritual everyone is tuned in to the frequency of love since cacao is the medicine of the heart.

Transforming Fire
Through this ritual the couple offers to the fire those beliefs or emotions that feel heavy from each other's past, or that affect the relationship, so that it will be transformed with the power of light and love.

The 4 elements
Each of the elements are intended as symbols that represent the new that you want to create as a couple. Earth represents family, home and health; Water represents fluidity, creativity, prosperity and good humour; Air represents good communication and proper thinking; Fire represents wisdom and passion. Each one of them is activated to accompany the couple in their new life and give strength to their intentions.  

Exchange of vows
It consists of writing a few words that seal the love and commitment to the couple that will be read to each other on the day of the celebration. It is a very emotional moment that gives a lot of strength to the ceremony.

Sand Union 
Through two containers containing 2 colors of sand, each member of the couple is represented and then united in a new container to represent the inseparable union of the couple over time. It is beautiful to include the children if there are any.

The Flame of Love
Through this ritual represents the energy of each of the members of the couple offers to keep the flame of love burning.

The Tree of Life
With this ritual the tree of life of each couple is recognized to honor it and the blessing of the ancestors is asked for the creation of a new tree that will give good fruits. The tree will be cared for by the couple to keep it alive as a symbol of the care they will give to the relationship.

Crowns of flowers
Through the crowns of flowers that they offer to each other they will express the recognition of the gifts and qualities with which they wish to unite to grow and evolve.

Blessing of the ancestors
In this ritual, parents, grandparents and great-grandparents participate in blessing the couple with their own words.

The 7 directions 
7 people previously chosen by the couple will represent one of the directions of the universe and will ask for the blessings of that energy for the couple.


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