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lun, 05 oct



Reborn Woman Program

Rebirth in Grace and Awareness of your Feminine Powers Online Program (6 months) By Sumeia Ananda (Colombia) Transpersonal Psycholigist, Medicine Woman.

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Reborn Woman Program
Reborn Woman Program

Time & Location

05 oct 2020, 19:00 – 29 mar 2021, 21:00



About the event

What is this program about?

Is a unique process of 6 months, focused on energetical and emotional transformation dedicated to the creation of life energy from the female centers of power.

The goal of this process is for you to learn the ancient conscious technologies that Sumeia uses in order to apply them to reinvent YOURSELf in your most extraordinary and valuable version, full of Grace and awareness of your own Feminine Powers.

Through weekly mentoring with Sumeia, via Zoom, you will explore the cause of suffering, lack of energy, mental limitation, and emotional vulnerability that appears at limited levels of consciousness and you will learn to read and transform the unconscious patterns and programs that sustain them.

During each practice you will feel yourself adjusting and expanding your Self to a more fluid and creative level of energy that will bring multiple benefits in your life in both practical and subtle ways. You will feel how you consciously grow your Natural and Divine Grace.

What is revolutionary about this process is that you will be focused on recognizing your great potential in a multidimensional way, feeling accompanied by Sumeia and all the women who will make up the sacred circle of collective intelligence.

You will feel how the energy of the group brings rhythm, dynamics, diversity and inspiration to all equally.

Through a private group you will share the progress you feel or the blockages you are experiencing in the practices and you will receive guidance to better understand the proposed technologies and how to apply them to manage your thoughts and emotions when you need it.

Remember that integrating habits requires time and that is why this process is so revolutionary. The constant work will allow you to experience the benefits of the process and when you will finish the course your body will be ready to continue it on its own.

It is the moment to reclaim your inner power, discovering that inside you exists the most precious diamond and only you have access to polish its facets from within to expand its indestructible beauty and its infinite Grace.


Mentoring will take place every Monday night.

In this course, we will address in a theoretical and practical way topics such as:


Limited Seats

For women (27-54)


* Feel that they have achieved their goals in the material world but feel the need to reconnect with their inner essence and the feminine wisdom

* Do not feel comfortable or are overwhelmed by their emotions

* Women with Depression and Anxiety

* Feeling Emotional Hunger

* Want to change emotional patterns

* Feel attachment and dependence in their relationships

* Want to connect with abundance

* Want to understand themselves with greatness

* Want to see again the Grace of life

* Want to shine again

* Feel dependent

* Want to discover the true empowerment from within

* Want to feel again the courage to make decisions

* Are confused about their life purpose

* Do not know how to recognize their own value

* Are super busy and active and don't know what to do when they are alone

What benefits will bring you?

  • Understand the cause of your suffering
  • Find efficient technologies to end your suffering
  • Emotional independence - you will no longer be dependent on a therapist
  • Quit the idea that you need to do more therapy
  • Find effective ways to stop reactive patterns and reprogram creative patterns
  • Feel the inner joy
  • Improve your relationships
  • Generate Grace in your life
  • Connect with your passion
  • Live in presence and awareness
  • Raise your self-esteem and confidence
  • Say goodbye to fears and anxiety
  • Realize the end of the search and the beginning of your own life


In this course we will address in a theoretical and practical way topics such as:

  • What is energy, how is it obtained, how is it created, how is it transformed
  • What is consciousness and unconsciousness and how to work with them.
  • How your mind works and how you can transform mental chitchat
  • What are the emotions,  how emotions work, how you can transform them.
  • What is Reality and how is it altered or created?

We will mobilize unconscious blockages such as:

  • The wounds of the soul and how to transform them to use them always in your favor
  • Complexes in the body and how to deprogram them
  • Devaluation and how to revert it
  • Struggles and losses and how to transform them into vitality and gain
  • Conscious and unconscious conflicts and how to harmonize them

We will define the spiritual connection with our family tree by recognizing:

  • The power of the negative ancestral force and how to transform it and make it sacred in order to protect your life.
  • The power of releasing the heaviness of your Mother-Father relationship and integrate the archetypes that serve to repair it.

We will practice:

  • Passive Meditation
  • Active Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Psychomagic
  • Offerings to the earth
  • Ancient energetical medicine
  • Sacred Sexuality and Joy of Life
  • Creativity
  • Energy and emotional reprogramming
  • TranscenDance (Transformative Meditation)
  • Words of Power
  • Diamond Healing (Private Session)
  • Multidimensional Prosperity
  • Recognition of the Purpose of life.

Through a private group, you will share the progress you feel to inspire otrhers or the blockages you are experiencing in the practices to receive support.

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Reservations and Plans

Limited spaces.

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