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Victim, punishment and the feeling of GUILT. How can Constellations offer the SOLUTION?

What is the purpose of Constelations?

To give you tools to RESOLVE emotional conflicts in which you were unconsciously trapped in your childhood or in the emotional memory of your family system. It is a tool that helps us to disidentify ourselves from the unconscious archetypes that give us automatic responses to the circumstances in which we live. One of them is the archetype of the victim.

The constellations serve you to be able to get out of the answer that she offers you to move in life: the unconscious guilt. The archetype of the victim pushes you to self-punishment and self-sabotage, staying in it condemns you to death, to the death of your purposes, to the death of your dreams, it submits you to suffering, scarcity and illness. It kills you through the abortions to your projects, to your relationships that fail to grow and mature, it condemns you to the death of your own realization: sacrifice.

The interesting thing is that only children feel guilt. Children are afraid of no longer belonging, they are afraid of being rejected for what they have done. Children don't see the harm done or the suffering of the victim, they only see their fear and believe that by hurting themselves their victim will not punish them.

The adult does not feel guilt. The adult has the strength to see what he has done, and assumes the damage, assumes the consequences and that makes him great, gives him vital strength, allows him to move forward in his own life. The adult looks at the victim with compassion and decides to make amends.

The solution in constellations, as in life itself, will always be Love, in the return to love after integrating the emotional polarity that divorced us from reality. The movement on the constellations allows us to return to the present after recognising the hidden feeling, stored in the body through the adult we are today. If you heal, we all heal with the power of love.

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