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THIS PAIN IS NOT MINE - Find and resolve the BLOCKAGES or TRAUMAS inherited from the family

Do you want to Identify and resolve family traumas that you have inherited and limit you in the present?

Recent studies proved that a generation of earthworms that experienced burns when exposed to high temperature lamps, developed a scar and created a thicker and darker skin in the affected areas as a survival mechanism. What is most striking about the study is that all generations of worms that came after until the seventh generation were born with spots and thicker skin, just like the scars of their ancestors.

In another study in Holland based on systemic psychology it was proven that a group of people with eating disorders were unconsciously repeating the traumatic experience that several of their grandparents and/or great-grandparents lived in a season at the beginning of the century when there was a great food shortage and a great famine in Holland in which many people died.

These descendants, even without knowing the history of their ancestors, were unconsciously and out of loyalty to their ancestors repeating this unconscious behavior through their symptoms, this is what we call "Reparation Repetition". It was not until they became aware of the great suffering of their ancestors and were able to manage it through systemic therapy or Family Constellation that they could be free of the symptoms of anorexia or bulimia, both pathologies related to the impossibility of ingesting or receiving food, which was the great trauma of their ancestors.

The unconscious of each family is nourished by the experiences of all its members. Many of these are experiences with an important emotional charge and cannot be expressed or processed because of how traumatic or painful they were for those who had to suffer them and they remain trapped as the "unsaid" in the emotional body of those who lived them and in the family unconscious. The emotional body is associated with fluids and blood, since the biological basis of emotions are the biochemical and hormonal substances that are transported through the blood as a response to life experiences.

These traumatic and unmanaged emotions are recorded in the blood in the form of biochemicals that leave an imprint in the DNA and this information is then transferred to the descendants of that family system.

Beyond what you are able to accept or understand logically, your unconscious keeps information that at some point was important for the survival of one or some of the members of your clan and today you are repeating it through your current suffering, in the form of a physical symptom, a blockage, or a problem that manifests itself in a behavior that you cannot understand or control.

The Family Constellation therapy has a restorative purpose for the family system to which we belong and function as an automatic program that is operating from our unconscious, beyond our will, helping us to get over many traumas or blockages:












Clinical evidence in systemic therapy shows us that the traumas of the ancestors are usually inherited by some of the descendants. Mark Wolynn's book "This Pain Is Not Mine" provides reliable evidence that many chronic or long-term problems have origins beyond immediate or childhood experiences and can be explained as more than just chemical imbalances in our brains. The origins to such ailments manifest in constellations from the traumatic experiences of our parents, grandparents or great-grandparents.

The good news is that we can free ourselves from the painful past of our ancestors by being aware of the memories and returning to the "order of love" which is what gives us the strength to move forward in life and to co-create our own destiny.

Family constellations are one of the most effective current therapeutic tools in the field of psychotherapy to solve these problems.

If you want to understand what is preventing you from living in harmony with the life you have or want to have, send me a message via WhatsApp to schedule a 20-minute call in which I will help you identify the unconscious conflict that you need to address in your lineage, so you can give momentum to your life again.

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